For me, fitness and well-being is all encompassing.  It is mind, body and soul…that may sound hokey, but it is true. It is more than just the number on the scale or the number on the tape measure.  We are so much more than our size.

If the only way you define your fitness level is to look at your weight each day and see how low you can get it, no disrespect but I think you are misguided.  Skinny does not mean healthy any more than vegan means healthy or big muscles mean healthy or going to the gym every day means healthy.  Healthy is far more important than your dress size or weight on a scale.  Sure, weight is a component of health and well-being, but it is not the be all and end all.

We all have a natural body type….there was a very small period of time in my life where I lost a lot of weight…I mean a lot of weight….at the time I thought it was cool – in fact, I was pretty sick, lost it quickly and I was at about 128 lbs.…for me and my body type, it was crazy.  It was then, I too shared with everyone I could, how much I weighed, thinking that meant anything…it didn’t.

As soon as I was feeling better and started eating pretty much anything the weight came back.  Instead of being happy I was recovering and feeling better, I was cranky because I could not stay at that weight.  Of course I couldn’t, nor should I have tried to sustain it.  We are NOT our size.

Even in a more health conscious time (thank goodness) we still see ads for fitness and supplements and programs that feature very beautiful, sometimes scantily dressed women to show what we “can be.”  NO, WE CAN’T!

Even in the program that I teach and love so much – Rebound – there are several posts a day that show women in very sexy poses with rebound boots on and little else.  No judgement…if that is how some want to present themselves…great, but for ME, that is NOT what the program is about…it is not what wellness is about, it is not what being healthy is about.  It is not about how little you wear or how little you weigh, it is about how hard you want to work, how committed you are to your full well-being, and how much fun you want to have doing something good for your body – inside and out.

I realize sexing up fitness sells for some and there is a lot of money in it, but that is not, in my view the goal. The goal for me is all around health and well-being which is, again far more than your size or weight.  Nothing wrong with sexy….remember #sweatissexy…however, being real, being truly healthy, being strong, and being smart, being YOU, is really sexy!

Please, do not buy into….”you need to look a certain way” to be considered healthy, valued, appreciated.  Yes, I am preaching a bit, but it is important.  Body image is something so many struggle with and yes, so do I.  However, if you really want to begin or extend your journey to well-being, start by being kind to yourself. 

You Are More Than a Size

STEP 1 – BE KIND TO YOU…APPRECIATE YOU, right where you are, right now.

STEP 2 – WHY?  Why is it important to you to get healthy and what does that mean to you?  I believe if you have that conversation with yourself you will be a lot more successful and reach real goals.  If your answer is to fit into an outfit for a certain event, that is not this.  Health and well-being is a life journey, not a diet of the day.

STEP 3 – SHARE your why, your concerns, fears and aspirations with someone you trust.    REPEAT…SOMEONE YOU TRUST!  Not on Facebook or every social media channel you participate in.  Not saying that you don’t help to inspire people; maybe share pics of your journey, but keep the inner stuff inner as you begin.  Share when you are ready.  In the beginning it is very helpful to have someone who will support you, hold you accountable, and encourage you when you hit the wall.  We all hit the wall.

STEP 4 – START (or continue)…small, consistent steps.  Move your body, check your nutrition, feed your soul.  Read food labels, understand how you are fueling your body and your mind.


You are you and there is no one else like you…as someone once told me, “that is your superpower.”  Don’t compare yourself, don’t measure yourself and don’t consider your progress against anyone else. PLEASE do not measure anything about yourself to social media, television or print ads.   Remember, skinny does not mean healthy any more than a solid body is unhealthy.

Decide to be healthy, not a size or a weight.  That was the biggest game changer for me.  I did not decide to go on a diet….I decided, after the death of my mother, to get healthy.  That one change in my thought process changed everything for me.  Slowly, surely, with fits and starts, I moved forward (and backward and forward again) on this journey of wellness.  Yes, I lost weight, but I got strong, changed my ways of eating and cooking and began to stretch and challenge myself in other areas of my life.  In short, I took charge of my health and well-being and have been on this journey ever since.

You are you…your body is your body; your mental state and soul state should not be ignored. You are more than a size. You are a total package….a gift….unique, beautiful, worthy, important and appreciated.  Treat yourself accordingly. I promise, you will get where you want to be.

I wish you today, as in all days, a good day!