Good morning. Have you ever read a book, story or even a line somewhere that made you pause and say “YES?”


I had that happen this week as I read Rachel Hollis‘ book “Girl, Wash Your Face.”  It actually gave me the –go for it– to do this blog as a first step to my goal list.  It’s funny, serious, personal and motivating for sure.  It is a quick read, always good when you have what you think is a thousand other things to do and no time to do it all.  There is a tone, or maybe a spirit about her writing that I really like.  I would be interested in your views if you read it or read it in the future.

What resonated with me is the fact that we are all gifted…we all have a purpose and we all are impactful.  Regardless of what we do for a living – what matters most, at least to me (maybe it is a sign of maturity – ok, age really) is how you live and who you are, not what you “do.” Don’t you wish at parties and events instead of the opening line from someone you meet being “what do you do,” it was “who are you and what do you care about?”

She says in the book to remember “you are not an accident.”  I learned the hard way what I wish I could have mastered much younger, that I am enough….we are all enough just as we are.  God does not make mistakes, although I have suggested to him from time to time he may have had a off day with me; he always finds a way, sometime small, sometimes big, that that is not the case.  Now, go to the mirror, look at that beautiful reflection and know that is true….you are a masterpiece.  This book helped me to remember that on the days it seemed impossible.

Today is a new day, coffee in hand, sun outside even with the rain on the way…lots of opportunity to be the YOU you were created to be.   Opportunities too to give others a reason to believe the same.  I always say Kindness is free but its impact is priceless.  Small gestures of genuine kindness to others and yourself…can truly change the trajectory of a moment, a day or a life.  Let’s talk about random acts of kindness tomorrow…one of my favorite things.

Thanks for stopping by….wishing you today, and all days, a good day.