Even with the holiday….Happy Birthday America…and a wonderful weekend with friends, I know I have a busy week ahead so had to get ready.  Did my prep over two days this weekend, which allowed me to have time to celebrate Independence Day over a beautiful weather weekend and still get myself set for next week.

Yes, there were a few indulgences this weekend (fabulous) so now, I get back on track for the week ahead with Simply Yummy dishes.  Each with very distinct flavors – not seemingly things that would go together, but I wanted to try each.  I stuck with the Blue Zone this week for most of the prep but went the website vs the book this time.  Go to https://www.bluezones.com for the full write up of the recipes below and view many, many more.

What I like about this week’s Simply Yum is not only does it all taste fabulous, but it also looks beautiful too.  I am not the best about presentation, but the colors and the smells along with the flavors, just so good.  The other great thing is all the great produce available this time of year.  I have a big bowl of deep dark cherries and one of cut up watermelon in my frig for that sweet big I need every now and again.

A tiny bit of planning and some time and presto, I have a week of yummy delights all set in my frig.  I will say, as silly as this sounds…when I open my frig and see all the containers in there ready to go – I feel good about it.  Not just the healthy meals in their respective rows – but I feel good about me taking care of me.  I like the experimentation, new ingredients, and enjoying making food a positive part of my life and not something to stress about.

I am so very blessed to live where I do and am grateful to all those who came before me and upon whose shoulders, I stand each and every day.  No longer do I want to take that for granted and will live the best life I can, taking care of my health and well-being the best I can, allowing me the greater opportunity to do for others.

This Week’s Menu: 

  • Breakfast:        Berry Fine Breakfast Smoothie
  • Lunch:             Fennel, Tomato and Basil Salad – Blue Zone
  • Dinner:            Vegetable Lo Mein – Blue Zone
  • Snack:             Blueberry Chia Muffins – Blue Zone
  • Water:              Yes indeed
  • Fruit:               Cherries and Watermelon

Berry Fine Breakfast Smoothie:  This is very yummy and super simple to whip up.  In my trusty Ninja blender, I started with 3 cups of unsweetened almond milk and one cup of water.  Added two handfuls of kale and spinach, chia seeds, turmeric, psyllium, and a shot of cayenne pepper.  Blended that all up and then added one half a banana, a few broccoli florets, and some carrots.  Blended that and then added one tablespoon of cashew butter and frozen cranberries, strawberries and wild blueberries.  Blended all that until smooth and bit thicker than a smoothie but less so than an acai bowl.  Divided it among my five containers and was good to go.

Fennel, Tomato and Basil Salad w/ Lemon Vinaigrette Dressing:  I am learning more about fennel and its benefits and different ways to use it.  This salad is all raw and smells, looks and tastes great.  Fennel has quite several nutritional benefits including potassium, vitamin A and C and more.  To this sliced fennel, add campari tomatoes and fresh basil.  That’s it.   Made the lemon vinaigrette to go with it as well.  I added fresh garlic to the dressing…. I add garlic to pretty much everything.

Vegetable Lo Mein:  This recipe was easy and fast.  While I do not have a wok, I used instead a large and deep fry pan and it worked very well.  Lots of veggie goodness here – garlic, mushrooms, carrots, snow peas, red cabbage, and carrots.  Sauteed them all over high heat and then added lo mein noodles and a simple sauce of sesame oil, soy sauce, and a dash of hot sauce. Toss it all together and there you have it.

Blueberry Chia Muffins:  I will say, these turned out far better than I expected them to.  The recipe calls for coconut oil, which I rarely use because to me it makes everything taste like coconut. Not this time.  Together with the coconut oil went almond milk, some maple syrup and vanilla.  Then whole wheat flower, sea salt, cinnamon, cardamon and chia seeds.  Once mixed, added frozen blueberries and bake.  That’s it.  I will definitely make these again.

Water:  To my standard lemon and lime, I added chunks of watermelon.  This makes the water both pretty and flavorful and good for you.  Drinking enough water can be difficult some days – this water creation makes it more fun and far more enjoyable.

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