Today is a big day….for me anyway.  First, it is a double birthday…one is mine and, well, the other is mine too.

Today I celebrate the anniversary of my birth 60 years ago…60 – whew, that sounds like something doesn’t it? My friends and I were lamenting that when our own parents were 60, we thought them old….today, not so much. 😊

The second birthday is that of KAMS Lifestyle, LLC. I am excited about its reveal, its challenges and its many opportunities. Much like my birthday, KAMS is a celebration of all things important to me. It is a bringing together of those things important to me, those things I have worked on in various stages and phases of my life and put them all under one roof so to speak. I look to the launching of KAMSLIFE.COM as the foundation and framing of a house that will be further built over time.  The plans are there, the architect has done the necessary work and now we continue the forward progress with care, thoughtfulness and excitement to see it all unfold.

Me, turning 60, was the perfect time to get it together and put fear aside and say “ya’ know what– I am doing this for me.”  This is a sharing what I have learned, what I love and what I do and if it resonates with you FANTASTIC, if it doesn’t,  that’s fine too.  As I heard it said once, I will not be everyone’s cup of tea. BUT, I’d much rather be someone’s shot of whiskey than cup of tea anytime.  😊

I am not pretending to be an expert in anything or to have answers to all questions. But, I do know this…I have come to a place in my life where I will no longer hold myself down in the hopes someone else will lift me up, or believe my worth is based on anyone other than me knowing it.  I refuse to be scared; refuse to let others define me; refuse to limit myself and my dreams and to let anyone but me, decide for me.

Life can be hard, uncertain and scary; it can also be wonderful, exciting, interesting and joyful. Social media can be intimidating, unfair and unkind at times. BUT, we….we humans , can change that. We can forge real connections, share real kindliness and provide real opportunities to make ourselves and each other better. I hope you will read my “About” page on KAMSLIFE.COM – I think it will explain my “why” of KAMS Lifestyle better.

I want to share “REAL” with you. I want to share fun, fitness, food, life, love, issues and joy. I want to encourage you to challenge yourself, not give up and even step (or bounce) outside your comfort zone.  I want you to know you are NOT alone…as trite as that may sound. I want you to know even bad things will end and there truly is light and life there for your taking. I want you to know one step…one single step, can change EVERTYTHING and you CAN do it. You ARE able, you ARE worthy and you ARE important. I may not know each of you individually, but I do know this….we are all a work in progress, we all deserve to pursue a dream and we are all perfectly imperfect.  I know this too (finally), God doesn’t make mistakes.

If I can, through my own crazy, my own joys, failures, hopes, past mistakes, and vision help you see the light at the end of the tunnel, in a dark room or just give you a chuckle….YEA!

Now, I know there will be some who will, due to a myriad of other factors, want to discount KAMS and what I hope to accomplish. That‘s ok.  There will be some who say…”that’s just silly no one cares”…that‘s ok too. I care and for me, that’s enough. There will be others who will simply feel compelled to discount this – still ok.  One day, someday, all things become clear. Having said all that I know this….I’m still here – encouraged, hopeful, faithful, joyous, nervous, imperfect, excited, grateful to many for so much and willing…willing to give it a go.

This is about me trying to make a small light where there may be none.   Providing a bit of humor, bounce, fitness, fun, kindness, and yummy food with some insight from time to time.  Encourage a bit where fear exits and to be that resource, that push, that truth and that support I wish I had in various stages of my life but couldn’t find.

I hope you will JUMP IN with me for this adventure.  I know I can’t change the whole world, but I can certainly try to add positive change to my part of the world and move toward a future we can all be proud of, that future generations will thank us for and for the peace of mind that through it all, we know that KINDNESS IS FREE…..we can share it, cultivate it and make it a part of every day.

Today, as in all days, I wish you a good day.