I am happy to report this week’s smoothie prep was far better than last week’s – live and learn.  It was one of those weekends I had a lot to do but wasn’t all that interested in doing much of it.  Ever have those days…that list is sitting there, you see it, you know you need to attack it, but you simply don’t feel like it.  After debating with myself for a bit – I got to it.

Pretty happy with this week’s menu and stayed true to the concept of Simply Yum.  There are so many fabulous healthy resources out there – I love learning new ways to use ingredients and just how much food impacts my life and my health.  I encourage you to review some of those resources…be sure they know of what they speak, and then try it.  You have seen me reference two of my favorites – Blue Zones Kitchen and the 30-Day Alzheimer’s solution – both of these books are far more than great recipes.  I have learned a lot about food itself.  How it impacts my body, why and how to have really fulfilling and delicious meals that are good for me, positively impacting my health – brain and body.

I have also found the a Sweet Pea Chef – https://www.asweetpeachef.com and Kale Junkie – https://kalejunkie.com.  Both have been great resources for me, and both speak to not just good recipes, but the why and how.  I continue to search and find new opportunities to learn sticking to the Simply Yum principles.  And, even when I feel grouchy, tired or just not feelin’ it, these resources and others motivate me to do what I can, each day I can, being grateful for the day and prepare with a more hopeful mindset for the week.

This week I have recipes from both Blue Zones and Kale Junkie, and all are delicious.

This week’s menu:

  • Breakfast:                   Beet Berry Smoothie
  • Lunch/Dinner:             Thai-Inspired Crispy Tofu Wrap (Kale Junkie)
  • Accompaniment:          Pantescan Potato Salad (BlueZone)
  • Treat:                          Gut-Friendly Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Cubes
  • Water:                         Of course

Beet Berry Smoothie:  Went back to using almond milk after my smoothie fail – or shall I better say, my smoothie “learning experience” from last week – haha.  As always, began with my base, kale and spinach, fresh ginger, chia seeds, collagen powder and psyllium husks. Added 4 cups of unsweetened almond milk and one fresh beet and ran with my Ninja blender.  To that I added shredded carrots, a few chunks of fresh pineapple (adds a bit of sweetness and is a good anti-inflammatory), as well as two frozen bananas.  Blended that and then added just a bit of frozen wild blueberries and blackberries.  Blended it smooth and poured it into mason jars, topped with a fresh blackberry and springs of mint.  Very tasty.

Thai-Inspired Crispy Tofu Wrap:  I am finally learning better ways to work with tofu.  This recipe got me so much further than in the past and the tofu really did come out crispy.  Along with that, I used flavors I haven’t before and love it.  The recipe is laid out in sections, making is super easy to follow and prep for.  Don’t know about you, but I like to lay out all of my ingredients first, prep it all and then work the recipe.  I made, for the first time, a peanut sauce which, to be honest, I was afraid would-be over-powering and too much…it’s not.  It combines, creamy peanut butter, honey, olive oil, rice vinegar, garlic and soy sauce.  That gets poured over coleslaw and added to the crispy tofu in yummy tortillas.  I did make two adjustments to the recipe – I added more garlic than was called for and I added black beans to the coleslaw mix.  Was pretty proud of how it turned out to be honest.  Full recipe is here:  https://kalejunkie.com/thai-inspired-crispy-tofu-wraps/

Pantescan Potato Salad:  I wanted to have something to accompany the wraps and I love potatoes.  Fried, boiled, mashed, in a casserole, as a salad or pretty much any way and this recipe got me a healthier version of a potato salad.  The two adjustments I made to this recipe is I added a couple of small red potatoes to the required russet potatoes and did not add capers – just not a fan of capers.  I did leave the skin on both potatoes as well.  Along with the potatoes, the recipe includes fresh tomatoes, red onion, kalamata olives (one of my favorites) red wine vinegar and oregano.  Another Super Simple, Simply Yum bit of goodness.  Full recipe is here:  https://bluezones.com/recipe/pantescan-potato-salad-recipe/

Gut-Friendly Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Cubes:  All I can say to this is WOW – YUM!  This could not have been simpler and so good and pretty too.  Just a few ingredients – dark chocolate chips, coconut oil, strawberries, unsweetened coconut, almost and sesame seeds and you have a beautiful, tasty treat.   The recipe calls for using an ice tray to freeze them in.  Believe it or not, I do not have ice trays, so I used a mini muffin pan and it worked great.  Next time I make these, and there will be a next time for sure, I will cut the top strawberries a bit smaller.  I only cut them in half this time.  I also added small chopped up strawberries into the chocolate before it set and that adds, for me, a nice break as you eat it.  I will say this also, I love chocolate but there are times desserts like this are too much chocolate for me.  Not the case here – not sure if it is the coconut oil (never used this before) added to the melted chocolate (I melted over a double boiler instead of the microwave (I have not had good luck melting in a micro).  This has just the right sweetness level in my opinion and the almonds, sesame seeds and coconut add a lovely bit of texture.  I think you will really enjoy this – give it a try.  The full recipe is here:  https://kalejunkie.com/gut-friendly-chocolate-dipped-strawberry-cubes/

Water: Kept the water simply this week – lemon, lime, ginger, orange slices and some fresh blackberries. I know you are likely sick of me telling you how important it is to stay hydrated…. but it is important to stay hydrated.  HaHa.  Make it fun, create pretty, tasty various version of plain water and do it at home.  Way less expensive and better for you than some of the stuff you can buy…plus it is fun.

There are additional pictures of this Simply Yum on Instagram at @kamsmitty60.

Please take care of you….it is important, you are important!

#StrongisBeautiful #SweatisSexy #HealthisHappy


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