This week I continued my journey through the 30-Day Alzheimer’s Solution, The Definitive Good and Lifestyle Guide to Preventing Cognitive Decline. I will continue through the recipes in this beautiful book for a while.  As I continue to read it, I learn more and more, both of the science and the impact of food, exercise, and connection make on our bodies and overall well-being.  More about this plan, its science & its authors:

While keeping with the Simply Yum theme, I again used ingredients this week I have not used before.  I worked with fresh Mangos and Kiwi for starters as well as learning new ways to use nuts as a base for a lot of things.  This week, the dressing for the salad used raw cashews as its base and it is really good.

As I age and life tosses some curve balls to me and those I care about, my appreciation for this gift of life and the body we go through it in grows.  We really are miracle machines and as such, we do need to care for and maintain our bodies and our well-being.  Small, consistent steps add up to a big change over time and can lead to a healthier and well-lived life.

Time sneaks up on you…it is on me and I am going to continue to do what I can, with falter and grace, to make it the best moment by moment as I possible can.  One last thing….PLEASE take care of you…and share with those you love that you do.  It is not selfish to put you at the top of that daily priority list.  Remember, you cannot do for others if you are not the best you can be for you.

What one thing will you do for yourself this week to better take care of you?   Share it with us.

This week’s menu:

  • Breakfast:        Mighty Smoothie Bowl (page112)
  • Lunch:             Sweet Potato Bean Burger (page 148)
  • Dinner:            Kale Caesar! (page186)
  • Water:             Of Course

Mighty Smoothie Bowl:  This recipe includes fresh mango (chopped and frozen), along with Kale, nut butter (I used unsweetened cashew butter), kiwis, ginger, turmeric and flax and chia seeds.  A little thicker than my previous smoothie as this was designed to be a smoothie bowl.  Really tasty and again….super simple.

Sweet Potato Bean Burger:  I have often enjoyed a veggie or bean burger out but never attempted to make one.  This too was super simple.  Not sure I got the texture just right but after a combination of sweet potatoes, black beans, lots of spices, onion, lime and flax seed; it was just forming and baking.  Really good flavors.  I have buns to use but not sure I will; may just leave it as a lettuce wrap burger.

Kale Caesar:    This salad couldn’t have been easier to toss together (see what I did there…ha,ha).  Even the dressing was easy and really good.  This is just lots of kale, lemon, chickpeas and some sunflower seeds.  The recipe called for capers, but they are not my favorite, so I left them out.  The dressing was a combination of raw cashews (soaked), garlic, nutritional yeast, lemon, salt and pepper.  A little goes a long way so I dressed the bowl of salad lightly and saved the rest for use as I eat the salad.

Water: Kept it really simple this time.  Sparkling and flat water, lemon, lime, orange and cucumber.  So good and to be honest, makes me happy when I open the frig and see that beautiful pitcher waiting for me.

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