Went full out this week being sure I have three squares ready to go.  Did it all from the Blue Zones Kitchen this week and pretty happy with the outcome.  Struggled a bit these last few days and did not keep up with everything healthy.  Therefore, wanted to get strong this week and take better care of me.  You can find additional Blue Zone recipes and information at www.bluezones.com.

You know…it is ok to have “a day” every now and again.  None of us do it all perfectly and if someone says they do….they are fibbing to you or themselves.  Every day, every moment is a new opportunity to do something different, better, more interesting.  I want to be health for many more years to come….I have plans, big plans.   Prepping my weekly in take is one step I take for myself and my body (and my brain).  I am eager to learn, enjoy tapping experts and trying new things.  Some days I get it, other days –  not so much.  All of it is ok, it simply is.

Give yourself some grace but also give yourself a goal.  Taking better care of you – that is the goal, that is my goal.  No need to make grandiose assertions – just start where you are, do one thing than two then more.  Enjoy the journey, learn from it, share it and do it for you.

This week’s menu:

  • Breakfast:                    Iced Banapple Turmeric Smoothie (page 121)
  • Lunch:                         Springtime Soufiko (page 193)
  • Dinner:                        Basic Green Salad
  • Dessert:                       Oatmeal Breakfast Cookies (page 251)
  • Water:                         Simple and Fabulous

Iced Banapple Turmeric Smoothie:  I have made this previously and loved it.  This time I adjusted it just a bit.  To the base recipe I did add a bit of greens (Kale and Spinach), fresh ginger and used fresh turmeric instead of powder.  Also added chia and psyllium powder.  Finally, the recipe calls for vanilla soy milk – I used unsweetened almond milk instead.  SO good!

Springtime Soufiko:   The descriptor says this is a “uniquely Ikarian (Greece) dish.”  This could not have been simpler to make, and I will say, it is delicious.  Lots of chopping in preparation but after that, super simple.  Zucchini, eggplant, peppers (I used green and red), onions, garlic (added more than called for as usual), red wine (who could be mad at that?), and olive oil (I used less than called for). 

When it was done and I filled the daily dishes, I saved the remaining broth to use later.  I added a small bit of foil to the one side of the container and placed one slice (cut in half) of sour dough bread to keep it from getting soggy.  I did try a piece dipped in the broth and it is super yummy.

Basic Green Salad:  I try to eat my larger meal at lunch time but for dinner, depending on what time of the evening that is, I either do fruit or eat out or sometimes skip.  Wanted simple and green to be on hand so tossed together some kale and spinach, kalamata olives, cucumber and tomatoes. 

Oatmeal Breakfast Cookies:  They are called breakfast cookies, but I love them as a snack.  I have made them before and tweaked the base recipe a bit this time.  Used about a quarter cup more oatmeal than called for and a tad less applesauce than called for.  Used mini chocolate chips and baked it all for 25 minutes at 375.  Came out great and they are a wonderful little treat.

Water:  Went basic here with lemon, lime and cucumber.  Refreshing and yummy.  Please remember to stay hydrated always.  So good in so many ways.   

Side Dish:  Added a side of watermelon as well to have on hand.  Makes a great quick snack and often satisfies my need for sweet sometimes. 

Take care of you – remember – you belong at the top of your priority list this week and always! 

#StrongisBeautiful  #SweatisSexy  #HealthisHappy


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