Had one of those weekends where food prep was the last thing I wanted to do.  Tried to plan by hitting the grocery store early and get what I needed, but when it came time, I was not feeling it.  Thought about it for a minute and got myself up all the couch (got my second covid shot and it kicked my butt for several hours) and pushed through.  So glad I did.  This week I am still in “the book” and working my way through the many wonderful recipes.

This works for me and while it is not perfect, I know my weaknesses around food and this sort of weekly prep makes my week ahead easier and healthier than it would otherwise be.  Do I still stop and DQ now and again, yes.  Do I still fall off the healthy wagon, yes.  This is not about perfection and judgement.  It is simply about doing what is best for you.

Do what works for you….maybe it is one dish in a bowl in your frig.  Maybe it’s just planning but assembling as you go.  Maybe it is something all together different.  One this is for sure, food is medicine, it is longevity, it is a better mind.  You are worth the effort and the time.

How do you take care of you on a weekly basis?

  • This week’s menu:
  • Breakfast:               Mighty Smoothie Bowl (page 112)
  • Lunch/Dinner:          Spicy Cauli Tofu Bowl (page 131)
  • Dessert:                     Chocolate Hazelnut Crust with Berries (Page 226)
  • Water:                        Always
  • Side Snack:                Fruit Salad

Mighty Smoothie Bowl:  I continue to go back to this smoothie.  It is just so good – both creamy and light; filling yet not overwhelming.  Great flavor and so easy to make.  I mess around with the quantities of ginger and turmeric each time I make it as well as other ingredients, but I will continue to make this one – it has mango, kiwi, kale, nut butter (using cashew butter more and more now), chia and flaxseed along with plant-based milk – I have tried soy milk but lean to unsweetened almond milk more often.

Spicy Cauli Tofu Bowl:  This meal is choc-full of goodness.  Cauliflower, kale, pinto beans, chili peppers, ginger, turmeric, garlic and tofu (which I am starting to actually like) all over brown rice.    The recipe is easy to do and can be put all together in one bowl.  Instead of just brown rice, I use a combination of brown and wild rice and it is so good.  I use long cooking these days vs the minute rice – so much better and much more flavor.  I will admit I made this a tad “hot” by adding a touch of cayenne pepper.

Dessert:  This looked too good I the book not to try.  Got to make hazelnut butter for the first time, very yummy.  This crust is a combination of hazelnuts, dates, cacao powder and a touch of salt.  Then you make the butter and drizzle over the top to give the fruit something to stick to.  I will be honest; my crust did not get as formed as it should have been, and my second round of the hazelnut butter did not drizzle but it was still yummy. I will certainly try this one again…looks good and tastes good too.

Water:  Kept this super simply this week.  Lemon, line, and some orange along with fresh ginger and mint leaves.   I mentioned this before – I start each morning with a big glass and drink it throughout the day.  Be sure to keep some water handy and drink throughout the day.  You will notice the impact over time.

Fruit Salad:  I had some fruit left over and got a small watermelon and tossed together a small fruit salad.  Some days I just want to go snacky and this helps me do so in a more healthy way.

#StrongisBeautiful  #SweatisSexy. #HealthisHappy



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