Funny how things hit you. This mirror was in my parents’ bedroom forever. They got it as a wedding gift from my grandmother and she had it before that. As a mirror, it certainly does not fit modern decor. Had it sitting in a closet since mom died 9 years ago. Finally took on the task of going through her things I still had and had no idea what to do with this near 75-year-old mirror.

Thank you Mandy Schaumburg for your creative craftiness. You fixed some of its broken areas, shored up others and toned down that old gold color. I was surprised at my reaction when it was on the wall. It reminds me, even with its less than modern elements, it’s flawed and aged parts…it is part of and a reminder of my history and that makes it beautiful.  🌷

Learning to embrace and appreciate what and who got me to this place in my life is quite freeing and gratifying.

I realized as I was writing this that I was touching on much deeper things than the physical mirror – to be honest, I never liked the mirror esthetically.  Not sure about you, but whenever topics of my parents come up, I almost immediately revert to being a “child.”  Not in a bad way, I just feel like that kid and so much goes through my head.

This mirror had been sitting in my spare room unattended for all these years.  I considered getting rid of it – I mean it’s a mirror.  For whatever reason, I just let it sit.  I finally decided to go through the old files of my mom’s and clean them out, discard what was no longer necessary to keep and move the things I needed to hold on to.  Then, the mirror.  I had this “thing” in my gut telling me to keep it.

Quick aside – as I have gotten older and try each day to be more aware and in tune, I no longer question or debate those gut feelings. I am going with them now and being open to where they lead me.

Then I called my friend Mandy who does fun restorations and renewals of furniture.  She worked on the mirror for part of a day cleaning it up, sanding it and trying to repair some of its damaged areas.

It wasn’t until it was up on the wall, I had this feeling about it.  I mean it’s a mirror for goodness sakes, not big deal.  But turns out it was… a little bit. I didn’t expect to really care about it but as it hung there, covered in the paper Mandy used to protect the glass while she sanded, glued and painted, I felt like it represented me over time—  covered up with the paper— during the time the mirror hung in its original location…the little pink house on Long Island.

Life wasn’t always good in the little pink house and I realized that mirror somehow became a representation of that.  The good news is, like the mirror with its broken pieces and imperfections,  we both endured and are better now than we were back then.  It felt really good taking that paper off the glass. As I removed it, I got to appreciate some of the intricacies in the frame I never really noticed before and see too that it, like me has a history and it, like me is still here and it, like me is still worthy of a place and being appreciated for what it is, where it’s been and potential for where it will be.

I know, a little deep for a mirror but, removing that protective paper on the glass represents another moment of growth for me. No longer covered up, but learning to be the real me, flaws and all.  Much like the mirror, some will appreciate it, some will not; some will find it beautiful, some not so much.  Some will walk past without a glance; others will see it and wonder more about it and its history. Some will stop and admire its survival others will say…it’s just a mirror. Some are simply not yet able to look in that mirror, they are not yet ready to see or be with what is reflected back and that’s ok.  All in time.

A couple of years ago I would have just fluffed this off, lamented about things in the past or just left the mirror in a closet.  But now, happily I own it, consider it, appreciate it and then let go with gratitude.

Do you have a thing that represents something more than that thing for you?  What is your mirror?

I wish you today, as in all days, a good day.