Rebounding is an unparalleled high energy, yet low-impact workout we do wearing rebound boots.  Rebounding maximizes your workout while reducing the stress and impact on your joints.  Yes, high energy can be low impact (and fun).  You will burn more calories, up to 25-50 percent over more standard exercise classes, build muscle tone, increase core strength, and have the best cardio workout ever; all while moving to fantastic music.  This is a full body workout that will keep you smiling while you sweat.

I started rebounding in 2011 and fell in love with the variation of the workout, the music and the positive impacts it has on body and soul.  I love introducing this workout to beginners as well as working with advanced “jumpers.”  It is all about having fun while getting healthy.

Fitness CAN be fun. It’s not about a size or a weight…it is about wellness, respecting yourself, your body and your health.  Join me here not just for rebound but for how this workout and others, along with small simple changes in daily activity can improve health, fitness and overall well-being.

Let’s do this journey together.  I hope you will join me for a Rebound workout on video or in person for a class here or at your studio or gym. I would welcome the opportunity to bring Rebound to you. It is so much fun and I know you will enjoy it and how it positively impacts your body…not to mention your mind and soul. Email if you are interested in a Rebound demo class.

Come back and visit this page for training updates, rebound pics, videos, updates and ways to stay healthy or start your wellness journey.  Be inspired by the stories of others who, like the rest of us, are jumping through the moments of life and making a go of doing it well while working toward wellness.

Be sure to visit our Jumping In page for training updates and more.

#JustKeepJumping #StrongIsBeautiful #SweatIsSexy #HealthIsHappy

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