Need my prep this week to be restorative and help me get back on track.  I was blessed to be away for a few days last week to enjoy the beauty of the ocean and sun and friends and while we ate well, we enjoyed the surroundings and each other as well.  Maybe had a few less than healthy items too.  

What is so great, is today is another day and I begin again and going back to the “book” I am still working through – – the 30-Day Alzheimer’s Solution, this time not for recipes but for the basics from which to prep.  Page 68-69 of the book has the neuro plan nutrition spectrum.  It is a great chart of those foods that serve you well and those that don’t.  I went to those that do and selected a group of them deciding to go raw and make a delicious, filling and healthy salad….two of them actually and give myself the week to get back on track.

I decided to make a raw veggie salad with many of the foods in the beneficial green zone and a fruit salad from the same quadrant.  Then, included a breakfast smoothie created from a different combination of ingredients outlined in various other recipes in the book.

Still a work in progress, continuing to learn a lot from this book and other readings, and still grateful for the life I am living and doing what I can to make it as healthy and positive as possible.

Our well-being is our responsibility.  It really is up to us how we approach it.  I am choosing to do it with fun and open mindedness to try new things and not beat myself up when I go off the plan or have that scoop of ice cream.  For me, it’s doing the best I can, as much as I can for me.  That means, food, friends, mind, body and soul.

This week’s menu:

  • Breakfast:       Yummy mango-berry smoothie
  • Lunch:            Fresh Fruit salad
  • Dinner:           Raw multi-veggie and bean salad w/whole wheat pita
  • Water:            Always water

Mango-Berry Smoothie:  So refreshing, light and filling all at the same time.  For this yummy breakfast beverage, I combined three and a half cups of unsweetened almond milk, a big tablespoon of cashew butter (find this less overpowering than almond butter), a pour of chia seeds, two handfuls of greens – in this case, kale, and spinach, three dates, one frozen banana, frozen mango and frozen wild blueberries.  Blended it all up in my Ninja blender and it was done.  Truly simply yum.  Mix and match to your tastes….this is a great take it with you or sip it at home breakfast.  If you make it thicker – you can spoon it and have a great breakfast.

Fresh Fruit Salad:  Super simple, and Simply Yum.  Combined lots of berries; blueberries, black raspberries and red raspberries; added fresh pineapple and watermelon and a bunch of red grapes and there ya’ go.   This satisfies my hunger and my sweet tooth as well.

Raw Multi-Veggie and Bean Salad:  Grabbed lots of veggies off the “good” list, including broccoli, brussels sprouts, red pepper, shitake mushrooms, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes and garbanzo beans and red beans. Kept it all raw and added some herbs on top. Added a few slices of whole wheat pita and a yummy healthy meal is there for the taking.  The dressing is a combination of olive oil, fresh garlic, Italian herbs and lemon juice.

Water:  No matter the weather, stay hydrated.   For me, plain water can get boring, so I make this fruit water each week.  This time, lemon, lime, and peaches are in the pitcher and make a yummy combination. So easy and so good for you.


#StrongisBeautiful  #SweatisSexy. #HealthisHappy



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