Fantastic Non-Meat Meatballs and Pasta

This week, tried something that looked fabulous in the recipe picture – don’t know about you but my finished product does not always look like the pictures event though it tastes pretty good…  This time it looks as good as it tastes (and the picture), but I didn’t think I could do.

That is some of the fun I am having with my food these days.  Instead of dreading dealing with food, I am learning so much, trying new things and finding out I actually like things I used to make a bit of fun of.  Never thought I would enjoy a mostly plant based diet….am I 100% there, no.  However, I have gone further – with a great deal of appreciation and enjoyment – than I ever thought I would.  Even my “fails” have taught me something. It is fun to try a bit of creativity and experimentation with my weekly prep.

What fun and fails have you had with your preps – be it for a specific meal or a week of meals?  I can learn a lot from you too – let me know.

This week’s menu:

  • Breakfast:                   Green Energy Smoothie
  • Lunch/Dinner:             Plantastic Meatballs and Whole Wheat Pasts
  • Sauce:                        Simply Tomato Based Sauce
  • Snack:                        Fresh Cut Watermelon
  • Water:                        YES

Green Energy Smoothie:  Thank you to Blue Zone   for its base recipe for a yummy green smoothie.  The base has Spinach, unsweetened almond milk, frozen mango, fresh pineapple, and avocado.  I added a few of my go to’s – ginger, turmeric, chia seeds and some psyllium powder along with a few scoops of collagen powder.

I will say, I was nervous about added avocado to a smoothie, but it gives a lovely creamy texture and tastes great.

Plantastic Meatballs w/ Whole Wheat Pasta:  Thanks goes to @sherzaimd for “plantastic neuroplastic meatballs.”  I know the name may not wow you but try them.  No meat but they hold together beautifully and taste really good.  Even better….they are good for me.  The base of these is spinach, beets, quinoa and sweet potato.  The recipe is on page 156 of the 30-Day Alzheimer’s Solution.  I was impressed with how easy it came together and the how good they taste.

I made a very basic and simply pasta sauce using whole tomatoes, diced tomatoes, onions, garlic, and fresh basil.  I added mushrooms and red pepper, and a touch of cayenne pepper for a bit of heat.  I let it all simmer for a while and set it aside.  Stores easily as well.

Added whole wheat linguine for the side.  I knew it would hold up well and is a bit more nutritious.  I added just a touch of the sauce to the prep containers to keep the pasta from sticking together.  Will sauce it as I eat it during the week.

Fresh Watermelon:  This time of year, I love fresh watermelon.  It fills me up and is a sweet treat as a snack or a side to my meal.  I am not the best at selecting the right watermelon.  Last week got a great one, this week…just ok.  Any hits on selecting the perfect watermelon would be appreciated.

Water:  Received a gift of peaches this week so used one in my water.  Lemon, lime, ginger and sliced peaches.  Super delicious and super simple.


#StrongisBeautiful. #SweatisSexy #HealthisHappy


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