Live & Learn

I love to learn.  I loved going to school, hence the several degrees.  I think that is why I loved being in news for a while.  I had the chance to meet all sorts of people I would not have had the opportunity to meet and ​ learn about all sorts of things I never would have otherwise had the opportunity to learn. The best of that is the people..real people doing extraordinary things or everyday things.  Everyone has a unique and fascinating story….you just have to be interested enough to listen, really listen.  When you give people an opportunity you often learn beautiful, surprising and inspiring things.  That is what Live and Learn is about.  Learning about people…not just what they do, but who they are.  The human spirit has fascinated me for a very long time.  What is it that some people have deep within them that allows them to overcome situations that would have caused many of us to roll up in a ball. Yet others may have the slightest interruption to their day and it shuts them down.  What is that?

I have no doubt some of these conversations will move you, inspire you, annoy you, make you laugh and make you cry, or just bring a smile…isn’t that fantastic?  My plan is to talk to all sort of people in all sorts of areas of life.  Those I admire and respect, those I don’t understand and those that may make me cranky.  Being open-minded and willing to learn from others has always proven a positive experience.  Join me and lets Live and Learn together.