Had to prep to take it to go this week.  While I have been using my two favorite books for weeks, this week I looked to them both for inspiration as to the best ingredients that are the best for me.

All my Simply Yums are just that, but this one is Super simple.  Lots of chopping and cutting but prep time was a snap.  As things are moving forward post COVID, days are getting busier, and travel is picking up and schedules are more full.  The hope for me is, I don’t get back to “normal.”  Normal for me was a different person with work at the forefront, little time for the balance so many speak of and being sucked into valueless things.

In my NEW “normal” I hope to keep up with my health and well-being making it a priority without guilt and with enormous satisfaction in doing well for me.  More on that soon, but for now…. don’t let “normal” derail progress or push you further down on your priority list.  Don’t let “normal” bring you back to what wasn’t where you want to be and don’t let “normal” derail any of your goals.

This Week’s Menu:

  • Breakfast:                                Mango-Pineapple Smoothie
  • Lunch/Dinner:                          Healthy Pasta Salad
  • Snack:                                    Fresh Fruit Salad
  • Water:                                    Added Plums this time

Mango-Pineapple Smoothie:  This is so fresh and yummy – and yes simple.  To three cups of unsweetened almond milk, I added several handfuls of spinach and kale. Then, a chuck of turmeric and a small piece of ginger, a couple of scoops of collagen powder, chia seeds, and a tablespoon of cashew butter.  Blended all of that and then added three bananas, then frozen mangos, and frozen pineapple.  Blended it to a smooth consistency and there you have it.  Very good and good for me.

Healthy Pasta:  This salad tastes good, travels well and is good for me.  I looked to the 30-Day list for the best veggies to add to this salad. I started with whole wheat organic farfalle pasta and just barely under cooked it.  While it was cooling, I made a dressing of olive oil, garlic, fresh basil, juice of one lemon and one lime and added a bit of Italian seasoning – set It aside to let it bath a bit.  To the pasta I added red bell pepper, carrots, brussels sprouts, Kalamata olives, broccoli, and black beans.  Once mixed I added the tiniest bit of dressing just to keep the pasta mixed and not stuck together.  So good.

Fruit Salad:  Picked up the freshest I could of watermelon, honey dew, cantaloupe, green grapes, and black raspberries.  So simple, so light, a touch of sweet and good for me.

Water:  Only a few ingredients in this one.  Lemon, lime, plum and mint leaves.  Takes a milli-second to put together and makes the water so much more flavorful and inviting.

Remember – you are doing this for YOU!

#StrongisBeautiful  #SweatisSexy. #HealthisHappy





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