With a busy weekend in play and a hectic few days ahead I wanted some comfort food.  I thought a good old fashioned meatloaf would do the trick, but how to make it healthier?

I made the meatloaf with very lean turkey meat, used oatmeal, onions, crushed red peppers , Worcestershire sauce and fresh herbs.  Made two small loaves and froze one.

Then, I made an almost all raw red and green salad.  Spinach, lightly steamed broccoli and brussel sprouts, red pepper, red onion and in keeping with my quest to add more beans to my diet…some garbanzo beans.  Ok, not red or green but tasty. 😋

For the dressing I combined olive oil, lots of lemon juice and fresh garlic along with fresh basil and a bit of dried oregano.

For dessert, I melted dark and milk chocolate; layered into candy size muffin wrappers; topped with fresh pomegranate seeds (a bit of a pain to harvest but so worth it…they are a fabulous treat all on their own), and some chopped almonds and a dash of sea salt.  Just enough of a sweet treat. 😄

Finally, staying with the red and green theme; my water has lime, cucumber, mint, ginger, raspberries and cranberries.  So good. Be sure to stay hydrated 👍

This is a busy week for some and a difficult week for many.  Take a moment to touch base and share a little kindness…it may be the best gift someone receives! 🤗🌲🤗

#StrongisBeautiful #SweatisSexy #HealthisHappy

KINDNESS is FREE! 🌲🌲🤗🤗🌲🌲

Healthy Meatloaf Ingredients
Chocolate Melt
Salad Close Up
Chocolate Close Up
Water Pitcher
Final Products