Tried something different this weekend for my prep for the week.  I have always wanted to try making a healthier fried rice and this was my attempt.  Easy to do (you know it has to be easy and yummy).  I used brown rice, low sodium ingredients for the sauce, extra veggies and beautiful large shrimp; then…baked it.

Turned out quite well. Now I have lunch for several days. ☺

Of course, another fresh pitcher of water…going through it like crazy.  Added more ginger to this one.

Will confess, my local Baskin Robbins is open so had to grab a bit of one of my faves – yummy treat but kept it small.

Thanks Joy, @Baskin Robbins – Manchester Lakes.

Be good to you, yes have a treat and enjoy it…then forward we go. Be kind to yourself always  but especially during this stressful time.

Moment by moment …day by day…we’ve got this! 💕🏋️‍♀️💪💕


#StrongIsBeautiful #SweatIsSexy #HealthIsHappy

Shrimp Fried Rice Ingredients
Baskin Robbins Small Scoop of Chocolate
Fried Rice in the Pan