My usual Sunday night week’s food prep turned into Tuesday night “rest of the week” food prep.  With some fun new love projects, full time job (so grateful) and the best of all…getting back to @cerdafiedstudiosva for rebound, I allowed my schedule to falter.  It took everything I had not to stop and pick up fast food on my way home. 🙄

I am determined not to repeat mistakes of the past and let other things consume me and become more important than my own well-being. 🌷

So, into the fridge I went.  Found a giant tomato nearing its end.  A tub of brussel sprouts (which i am obsessed with lately) fresh lemons and a bit of feta.  I always have herbs, garlic and spices and pasta…so together they went into a “fridge fest.”  Oh yeah, wine…I always have wine. 😁🍷🎉

Super simple, light, pretty and really yummy. ☺

Marinated the sprouts in a bit of olive oil,  juice of a fresh lemon, chopped garlic, Italian seasoning and red pepper flakes.  Roasted for about 8 minutes then added the chopped tomatoes marinated in the leftover sprout bowl, turmeric, garlic and herb seasoning and added that to the roast pan for another 4 minutes.

Tossed over fettuccine (I added a shake of light feta when served) and voila…a creative meal “fridge fest”…dinner tonight and lunch for the week. 😁🎉👍🌷

As things become busy and your time is more dispersed…hang on to your health and well-being.  Hard to admit for me, but the world won’t end if I step away for an hour to take care of me. 🌷

Not gonna lie, sorta proud of myself for not grabbing a burger and fries tonight. Small wins….small wins. 🎉🎉🎉

Fridge Fest 07 26 2020
Plated Fridge Fest