Not sure if this happens to you but this weekend, just was not feeling very interested in planning, food prep or anything else.  Chalking it up to a busy week prior, a bit of travel and an overall blah moment…it happens.  As I was getting done what I “had” to do this weekend…you know what it’s like – all the “life stuff” that is on that list I keep telling others to put themselves on top of…well, this time I didn’t.  But then I remembered…I can wallow a bit, but it is up to me to pull myself up, get back on the top of my own to do list and make it happen, even if it is not up to par with my usual.  So, I did.

This Simply Yum is as simple as it gets, but still good for me, my psyche, my body, and my week.  I checked my go to list of those items super good for me and my brain and kept it almost all raw, clean, and fresh.  Prep was super easy and fast…mostly chopping, dicing, and blending and I will say, I felt better after I finished.

Taking care of ourselves doesn’t have to be elaborate, difficult, or complicated.  Each act, each moment, each prep is a step toward taking care of all we are and keeping us well long into the future.  Now, with me back on the top of my own priority list, pulling myself out of the blah and getting ready for a fabulous week, it is time to reinstall my grateful meter and recognize all I have to be thankful for.

This week’s menu:

  • Breakfast:                    Dark Berry Breakfast Smoothie
  • Lunch/Dinner:              Medley of Raw Veggies and Rice
  • Treat:                          Sweet Fresh Watermelon
  • Water:                         Back to Basics


Dark Berry Breakfast Smoothie:  Light and delicious, this smoothie turned out super yummy.  Started with my foundation ingredients – spinach, kale, ginger, and turmeric and added three and a half cups of unsweetened almond milk, a slash of sparkling water, chia seeds and two teaspoons of psyllium powder.  To my Ninja blender I added fresh blueberries, blackberries, ¾ of a banana and frozen wild blueberries.  The banana adds a bit of creaminess to the mix.  When all blended, I added a few teaspoons of Ghirardelli 100% cocoa powder – unsweetened.  So good.

Medley of Raw Veggies and Rice:  Fresh, light, delicious and pretty, this salad includes cucumber, yellow and green squash, rainbow tomatoes, red peppers, kalamata olives and broccoli florets.  It is all topped with some raw pistachio nuts and a blend of Italian seasonings.  For a dressing I blended olive oil, the juice of one and a half lemons, lots of garlic and some fresh seasonings.

To add a little something, I made a side of whole grain rice – a mix of brown and wild rice.

Watermelon is so good this time of year.  Sweet and refreshing and fills me up. Great to have as a snack or as a dessert.

Water:  Went very simply on the water this week.  Used my go to lemon and lime and added cucumber slices.  That’s it.  It adds just enough flavor and goodness to the water without being overwhelming.

#StrongisBeautiful #SweatisSexy #HealthisHapy



Lentils with Roasted Veggies Ingredients
Lentils with Roasted Veggies Ingredients
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Lentils and Onions
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Lentils and Veggies