Harold Sanco, known in the DMV as the “Fitness Guru” is a well-respected and highly accomplished fitness professional.  A sport aerobics champion, a step master, tennis instructor and a long time Fitness Director;  Harold has done it all and has a reputation for excellence, encouragement and joy.  More than his impressive career in fitness and health, Harold has an astonishing positive outlook on all he does and the journey that brought him to Washington D.C  30+ years ago.  Harold is a complete joy to be around.  He is encouraging, supportive and willing to share his time and expertise – you just need ask.

Just a few pieces of wisdom from Harold include: being patient, getting out of that space in your head, and having no regrets.  He makes you feel like you can do anything.

Thank you Harold Sanco for a lovely conversation, your support and that smile…that unmistakable smile.

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Harold Sanco


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