Simply Yum is back this week with a full and delicious menu for the week.  I have not posted here in a bit (but have put up mini simply yums on Instagram, hope you’ll follow me there) due to travel, time and a tad bit of laziness if I am truly honest.

So happy this week – NO TRAVEL – so I went for a full, delicious and good for me menu.  Getting back to a better schedule and committing to myself to do more for my health, body and vision for tomorrow.  Even though my “mini-yums” were not here, and time was so limited, I felt good about doing better for me when was super easy for me to let it go.  I’ll need your help to keep me accountable.    Like I ask you to challenge yourself a bit when it comes to moving your body…. challenge yourself with food too.  Try an ingredient you never thought you would like or try that recipe you thought you didn’t have time for previously or prep just one meal this week and see how it turns out.  I have been asked on occasion what my frig looks like after I prep – so I included that picture this week.

What is the ingredient you have tried recently that surprised you?

This week went to my standby for two of these recipes – thank you

And to  Give them both a look and I encourage you to follow them for great information, clean eating and more.

My dessert this week is left over from last week from a recipe from

Remember, each step you take doesn’t have to be at full throttle.  Each positive steps remains positive even though it may be small.  Forward progress is what matters; not perfection or pleasing others.  Taking care of us is up to us – our way, with what works best for us.

Stay true to you and make you a priority.

This week’s menu:

  • Breakfast:        Berry Amaranth Smoothie Bowl
  • Lunch:             High-Protein Shrimp and Edamame Flavor Explosion Salad
  • Dinner:            Spicy Cauli Tofu Bowl
  • Dessert:           Left Over No Bake Cranberry Nut Energy Bites
  • Water:            Always

Berry Amaranth Smoothie Bowl:  This smoothie is so good even with a few alterations and additions from me.  The full recipe is on page 97 of the 30-Day Alzheimer’s Solution (remember this book is SO MUCH MORE than recipes….it is full of important information!)…the ingredients call for Amaranth, chia seeds, frozen mixed berries, cacao powder, plant-based milk, and orange zest.  I was not able to find amaranth locally, so I substituted Quinoa, I added a tad bit more cacao powder than called for and added greens, ginger and turmeric as well.   Very tasty ad so good or me.

High-Protein Shrimp and Edamame Flavor Explosion Salad:  This recipe caught my eye in a post from @cleancrush.  It looked beautiful.  We do eat with our eyes first as you know.  The end result did not disappoint.  The taste and textures are fabulous and includes shrimp or course, ginger, garlic, edamame, green onions, red peppers, cilantro, spinach and sesame seeds.  The process was super easy and so good.  The full recipe is at

Spicy Cauli Tofu Bowl:  This is another recipe from the “30-Day” Book page 131.  The ingredients here include tofu (still learning so many ways to use this and like it), cumin, paprika, greed chili pepper, garlic, ginger, kale, cauliflower and brown rice.  This was super simple and simply yum for sure.  All those good for me ingredients make me excited to eat it.

No Bake Cranberry Nut Energy Bites:  I made these last week and have several left over.  They have kept well in the frig and could not have been simpler to make.  This recipe is from the Blue Zones website and can be found here: .

Ingredients include Medjool dates, almond butter (I used cashew butter), oats, pistachios, almonds, dried cranberries and white chocolate chips (I used dark chocolate chips).  This is a yummy, filling and enjoyable treat.

Water:  Remember to stay well hydrated.  We sometimes think less of this when summer heads into fall and winter.  Seasons matter not, staying hydrated is important all year long.  Dress up your water with some fruit or seasonings and make it pretty as well as tasty.  This week I kept it super simple with lemon, limes and orange slices.


#StrongisBeautiful. #SweatisSexy  #HealthisHappy






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