Going for three squares a day this week with both anti-inflammatory properties and some internal cleansing….if ya’ know what I mean.  Breakfast , lunch and dinner all packed and ready for the week.  As the weather gets better and the days are longer – yippee – I am outside more and want to be less tied to chores and thinking about meals.  As I continue my daily drive to focus on food as fuel and making it fun and Simply Yum, new ingredients and combinations are the key.

This week, thanks to https://feelinfabulouswithkayla.com I have a full week of meals now in my frig and all very tasty.  Don’t know about you, but I nibble the entire time I prep so can say, even before the week starts, how good each of these recipes are….only tweaked a little bit.

This week’s menu:

  • Breakfast:        Colon Cleansing Smoothie
  • Lunch:             Quinoa and Fruit Salad
  • Dinner:            Butternut Squash Salmon Patties with Sweet Potato Fries
  • Water:             YES

Colon Cleansing Smoothie:  Don’t let the name scare you.  This Smoothie is packed with fiber and other good for you cleansing ingredients.  It is not a liquid laxative.  Spinach, chia, psyllium husks, ginger, lemon, banana, and apple all combine for a very good and very good for you first meal of the day.  I added turmeric root and a bit more lemon and ginger than called for.  Full recipe here at: https://feelinfabulouswithkayla.com/2018/02/05/colon-cleansing-smoothie/

Quinoa and Fruit Salad:  I often make a quinoa salad for summer.  It’s light, filling and full of good stuff…not to mention super simple to make.  The recipe here had a few ingredients I have not previously added to my version….chickpeas (still trying to get those beans in my diet more), purple onions and fresh parsley.  You can add virtually anything you want but for me the must have ingredient for this salad is kalamata olives…so good.  I use a basic dressing for this and only a little bit.  Olive oil, garlic, lemon, salt, pepper and Italian seasonings.   I added a small fruit salad for some light and refreshing sweetness.  Super simple with blueberries, pineapple, watermelon, cantaloupe and honeydew.  The quinoa salad recipe from Kayla is here: https://feelinfabulouswithkayla.com/2021/02/09/healthy-lunch-meal-prep-2/

Butternut Squash Salmon Patties and Sweet Potato Fries:  I have not cooked with butternut squash before, nor with salmon in a can…didn’t even know you could get salmon in a can before this preparation.  It is simple in that all ingredients get mixed together and formed I patties…that’s it.  Then bake it….I took the optional step too to pan fry them briefing after to get a crispy finish.  I think I did something wrong in that my patties were pretty wet….I added a bit of breadcrumbs to help that they turned out really well.

Not a big fan of sweet potatoes but I know they said to be a bit better for you.  These were pretty simple too.  I peeled and cut them up and let them sit in a bit of olive oil (very little) and salt, pepper, paprika and garlic powder as called for.  I added a touch of cayenne pepper and some ground turmeric as well.  Air fried them and they turned out well.  I have not mastered the air fryer yet, so any advice is welcome.   The full recipe for this part of my prep may be found here: https://feelinfabulouswithkayla.com/2020/10/12/anti-inflammatory-meal-prep/

Water:   This week’s pitcher includes ginger, pineapple, watermelon, lemon, lime and mint.  I do add some sparkling water to each pitcher as well….I think it adds a little something.


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