Food prep took a slightly different form tonight. I wanted something light and refreshing so decided to make my own acai bowl. I have bought them out a few times ($$) but thought they would be hard to make…. wrong. They fit the simple-but-yummy rule quite well. ☺ I realize I am behind the curve on these, but for me…success! 🎉.

A lot of people have acai bowls for breakfast, but I really like having them for lunch and dinner especially when I need a quick, simple, and yummy.  I have found that they fill me up but do not weigh me down. So much fun to play with different combinations.  My first attempt was a tad boring in appearance but still tasted quite good – now, I am trying all sorts of combos.

I keep making them…hope the blender holds out, and I’m adding in different fruits and crunchy textural elements: granola, hazel nuts, roasted almonds, and pistachios to name a few. Just a touch of coconut adds some additional sweetness – I use unsweetened acai packs and almond milk since the fruit is sweet enough on its own.

Have fun with food. Good for you can be good…much like fitness can be fun.

Do not leave yourself off of your “what I have to get done today” list.  Take a moment – you deserve it.

Very First Acai Bowl
Acai Bowl Spoonful
Acai Bowl Spoonful