Kathleen sitting on the beach with her morning coffeeI believe coffee is essential, food should be celebrated & shared, small gestures of kindness are magic, and fitness can be fun.  I believe you should always have flowers in your house, champagne in your fridge and beach time on your calendar.  Finally, I believe, after years of thinking otherwise, in accepting kindness, love and truth with humility, appreciation and respect as we are all deserving of each.

While I am proud of what I have accomplished professionally, I am prouder of how far I have come as a human, the lives I have touched and those who have impacted me.  I am proud of the people I hold close, the “love jobs” I have had, the meals I have made and shared with others, the risks I have taken, the failures (hate that word) I have experienced and through loss, coming out the other side better.  I am a work in progress…nothing special in that, but at this point in my life, I am ready.  Ready for a risk and share who I am.  I am ready for real success.

I am ready.

If I make one person laugh, make one person feel encouraged, make one person feel not alone…success.  If one person says “me too” with a giggle or a tear…success; if one person makes one small, subtly monumental change toward health and well-being…success; if one person says I deserve to be happy….success.  If one person engages with me in a conversation of genuine truth, quirky humor, and introspective humility….success.  If I make God proud for even a moment….success.

That’s it. This is my quest to success.

The education stuff: I earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from D’Youville College in Buffalo, NY; [home of my team the Buffalo Bills]; a Master of Public Administration from the University of New Haven, West Haven, CT; and a Master of Arts in Communications: Journalism and Public Affairs from American University in Washington, DC. I’ve worked in the field of higher education policy and finance for over 30 years with several years in news as a producer (still miss it).

The fitness stuff: I am Certified as a Group Fitness Instructor by the Athletics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA) and am Certified as a Health Coach by the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

 What else?

Favorite quote: “Courage is fear that has said its prayers.” – Max Lucado –

Favorite line: Kindness is Free.  [It really is].

Favorite pastime: Hanging at the ocean

Favorite music: Too many to list them all, but include: Earth, Wind and Fire; The Commodores; Luther Vandross; Chicago; Sly and the Family Stone; Joe Bonamassa; Lauren Daigle; Toby Mac; Andrea Bocelli; and Jason Cerda. Music is a source of life.

Favorite food: Yes, please.



No one gets through this life alone. I know, I know, some of us like to say, “I did it all on my own with hard work and grit.” Well, the hard work and grit may be true but someone, somewhere at some point in time helped. May have been small, subtle and of little obvious consequence, or it may have been big, obvious and life changing. Either way, we all have “people” and thank goodness. Some consider accepting help as a weakness. I consider it a blessing.

There are absolutely people in my life God brought to me, and I think at times me to them, at just the right time. I don’t always recognize it but looking back over those events, moments and decisions that brought me through, there is no doubt.

This adventure is no exception. This team of people is here to to ensure information is clear, timely, accurate and helpful. They will share their expertise, ideas and insights to add a little something-something to your day, your journey or just give you a “hmmmm” moment.

They are, along with my private Team K Ninjas, also here to challenge me, question me, keep me accountable and keep me real.



Rusty Coram: Sr. Pastor, New Hope Church

Kathryn Discigil: RN, BSN; Electrophysiology Nurse Clinician

Diane Lutton: CEO, Lutton and Associates P.L.L.C; Certified Public Accountant

Lori Martino: Graphic Designer; Lormart Designs

Mark Putman: Owner, SYZYGY 1 Media

Kelly Shelton: General Manager, Gold’s Gym Elite Training Center. BS Exercise Science, AFAA Group Fitness Instructor; NSCA-Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist; Drishti Yoga 200 RYT; CXWORX, Insanity, Barre, DISW, Moi Cycle and SPRINT – trainer, teacher and mentor

Jean Svoboda, Esq.

Sheila Tria: MBA, RYT; Director, HR, Neighborhood Health; Certified Yoga Instructor